Keeping well

Working through the NEST acronym can help you think about your wellbeing, and identify how you might look after yourself by making some changes.


Eating healthy meals regularly throughout your day can go a long way to keeping you fuelled up and ready to take on life. Your body needs nutrients to refuel and recover after drinking or substance use.


Physical activity can reduce stress and boost your mood – even a small amount is helpful. This could be a walk around the block or a run around the park.


Alcohol and other drugs usually disrupt your sleep patterns, which can seriously affect your mood. You may want to sleep more, find it harder to get to sleep, or have broken sleep. Plan your day so you can sleep better at night.

Time for Yourself

Create time to relax and unwind, even for just 5 minutes. That can go a long way to reduce stress and improve mood. Keep in mind that ‘downtime’ is different for everyone. Do what works best for you!