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How can alcohol affect your work or daily activities?

For some people, having one or two drinks can affect their ability to do their job or everyday activities. The effects of alcohol start very quickly after drinking, sometimes within 10 minutes, with your blood alcohol level peaking about 30–90 minutes after drinking. The effects of alcohol will increase as you continue to drink and your body’s blood alcohol level increases. If you have a dependence on alcohol, you may find some of the effects of alcohol impact your daily life, even if you aren’t drunk.

As alcohol can cause poor coordination, stumbling, vision problems, drowsiness and poor reaction time, it is unsafe to drive a car or operate heavy machinery when drinking. Jobs or activities that are safety sensitive like building or working with tools can be dangerous to do while you are intoxicated from alcohol.

Alcohol can also make you feel giddy and disinhibited and you may have a hard time concentrating, remembering and processing information, which means that interacting with others, especially at work, can become difficult.

When it comes to work, different jobs require different skills. If you are drinking alcohol, have a think about what you might need to do well at your job and what steps you could take to make sure you are not impaired.

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