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About Benzos

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What can a bad experience on benzodiazepines feel like?

If you …

Then …

Feel disoriented 

Feel dizzy or uncoordinated 

Have mood swings

Experience low mood 

Experience mild memory loss

Slur your speech

Feel agitated 

Feel anxious 

Feel paranoid 

Try these things at home:

  • Focus on breathing – try taking slow, deep breaths. 
  • If you are able, call and talk to somebody you trust and ask them to help keep you calm. 
  • Do not take more benzos, caffeine, alcohol or other drugs, as these can make you feel worse. 
  • Move to somewhere quiet – try to sit or lie down and do something relaxing. 
  • Drink water to stay hydrated. 

Are dissociating 

Are seeing double 

Experience increased memory loss 

Feel like you cannot swallow 

Are unable to control movements

Have an irregular heartbeat 

Make risky decisions or judgements

Have intense emotions 

Have suicidal thoughts 

Call a doctor or Healthline (0800 611 116)

They can talk you through the next steps. 

Have severe tremors 

Have chest pains 

Experience severe emotional distress

Experience psychosis 

Have breathing problems

Lose consciousness 

Attempt suicide 

Have a seizure 

Call 111  

These are signs of an overdose. You or the people around you should act quickly. 

If you experience unexpected or concerning effects from a benzo you can notify High Alert to help keep others safe. 

A Reddit user talks about their experience taking a large dose of benzos:

“It’s like my brain body connection was totally unconnected and I could barely walk or talk.”

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