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About Cannabis

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What do comedowns from cannabis feel like, and how can you feel better?

The effects of cannabis can vary in time depending on how you take it (smoked, eaten), but they generally last from 1–8 hours. Most comedowns from cannabis are mild and start shortly after the effects wear off.

The comedown from cannabis can be unpleasant or unpredictable when mixed with alcohol and other drugs or prescription medications. 

If you …

Then …

Feel tired

Feel dehydrated

Feel agitated or irritable

Have aches and pains

Have difficulty concentrating

Have headaches

Have difficulty sleeping

Feel anxious

Experience low mood

Have memory problems

Feel nauseous

Try these things at home:

  • Get plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Remember to eat and drink plenty of water.
  • Get moving to release feel-good brain chemicals.
  • Reach out and talk with friends and whānau for support.
  • Relax and do things that you enjoy to take your mind off not feeling well.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Practise mindfulness and deep breathing and try writing down your thoughts and feelings.

Experience increased dehydration

Have increased anxiety

Have increased low mood

Have ongoing insomnia

Have severe headaches or migraines

Have severe nausea

Have increased vomiting

Call a doctor or Healthline (0800 611 116)

They can talk you through the next steps.


Have severe vomiting

Have severe dehydration

Have psychosis

Call 111

These are signs that something more serious is going on. You or the people around you should act quickly.

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