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What can GHB/GBL feel like?

The doses for GHB and GBL are very different. GBL is stronger and easier to overdose on, but you cannot tell the difference between the two by looking at them. It is important to know whether you have GHB or GBL when deciding what dose to take. The effects of GHB and GBL usually start 15–20 minutes after taking them and last for 1–4 hours. They slow your body down and may make you feel euphoric, sexually aroused, groggy and nauseous. Some people describe the feeling of GHB and GBL as similar to being drunk.

It is best not mix alcohol with GBL and GHB as it increases unpleasant effects and your chance of overdose. Remember, a low dose for one person can be a high dose for another as people’s bodies process drugs differently

Also keep in mind that, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, GHB and GBL can have different effects to those listed below.

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects


Socially confident



Pleasantly sleepy

Increased sense of touch and sound

Increased connection to others

Sexually aroused


Drowsy or groggy

Agitated and irritable


Difficulty concentrating or thinking


Stumbling, tripping or falling over

Making risky decisions or judgements

Mood swings

Seeing double or having blurred vision

Memory loss


Slurred speech



Engaging in sexually risky behaviour

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Increased feelings of wellbeing

Feeling very relaxed

Feeling ‘out of body’

Increased sexual arousal

Increased euphoria

Pleasant hallucinations


Increased agitation and irritability

Increased mood swings

Severely nauseous


Increased risky decisions or judgements

Increased anxiety

Increased memory loss

Disturbing hallucinations

Falling asleep suddenly

Increased lack of coordination

Difficulty moving your body

Difficulty breathing or slowed breathing

Heart palpitations

Very cold and clammy

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects


Severe tremors

Severe loss of control of body movements

Severe vomiting

Difficulty breathing

Chest pains

Severely anxious

Severe panic attacks

Severely paranoid

Slipping into a ‘g-hole’ or coma-like sleep




Losing consciousness

 An Erowid user talks about a friend’s experience using GBL:

“My friend drank a ‘capful’ of GBL – an amount he had done before with no problems – as I drove him to a club where we were going, he told me he was ‘really starting to feel it’ and then IMMEDIATELY became incoherent. It happened so quickly I honestly thought he was messing around with me – until he started drooling on himself. He did not respond to my voice – so I stopped the car and an ambulance was called – he vomited twice in my car not knowing what was going on at all – during the next 10 minutes, his seizure remained but he started moving less and less – like he was passing out.”

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