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How can GHB/GBL affect your work or daily activities?

Even at lower doses, GHB and GBL are drugs that can affect your day-to-day activities. The effects of GHB and GBL usually last up to 4 hours, after which you may start to experience a comedown period. The effects may last for a much longer period if you use GHB or GBL regularly, mix it with other drugs or take very large doses.

GHB and GBL can cause dizziness, extreme sleepiness, bad decision making and confusion, and people can appear ‘out of it’. Because of this, it is unsafe to drive, operate machinery or do things that need concentration or motor coordination. These drugs can cause euphoria, increased sexual arousal, forgetfulness, slurred speech and risk taking, which can make interacting with others difficult. It may also mean you do or say things or act in ways that are out of character.

When it comes to work, different jobs require different skills. If you are taking GHB or GBL, have a think about what you might need to do well at your job and what steps you could take to make sure you are not impaired.

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