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How can you be safer when using GHB/GBL?

An addictions practitioner talks about the importance of being careful with doses because GBL is much stronger than GHB and you can't tell the difference by looking at them.

If you are not sure whether you have GHB or GBL than always dose it as if it is GBL. 

There are many other things you can do to keep safer when using GHB and GBL: 

Wait at least an hour before re-dosing. 
GHB and GBL are most commonly mixed into a drink and swallowed, which releases them into your body slower than by snorting or injecting. If you swallow GHB or GBL, try to wait for 1 hour before re-dosing as you may not feel the effects right away.  If you plan on re-dosing, consider separating out your doses into small containers and use a phone alarm to schedule when you'll take them. 

A person who uses GHB talks about how they measure their doses

I use one of those small soy fish containers from the sushi shop to carry my doses. I fill up half of the fish, which is about 1.5mL of GHB, and it wont melt it like other plastics!

Be aware that other methods of using GHB and GBL (snorting/injecting) can increase your risk of overdose. 
Snorting or injecting GHB or GBL will deliver these drugs to your body much quicker, which can increase your chances of overdosing. These methods can also cause damage and infection to your body. If you do chose to snort or inject these drugs, use new and sterile utensils and equipment every time. 

Avoid mixing GHB and GBL with other drugs, especially alcohol and depressants. 
GHB and GBL have very strong effects, and when mixed with other drugs, they can become more dangerous. This is especially the case for alcohol and other depressant drugs as effects become more intense and the risk of overdose increases.

GHB and GBL can make you horny- so plan how to keep yourself safe! 
You may be more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours when using GHB or GBL. Or you may end up in situations where you are not sober enough to enthusiastically gain or give consent. It is good to think about how you might keep yourself and others safe before you use. For example, using condoms to prevent pregnancy and STIs. It can also be a good idea to colour liquid GHB and GBL with blue food colouring. This way, it will not be mistaken for water and added to your or someone else’s drink without knowing.

Test your GHB or GBL to make sure it isn't mixed with other drugs. 
You can test GHB and GBL yourself with some reagent tests or at a drug checking clinic with a spectrometer. How reliable these tests are can depend on how concentrated your GHB or GBL is. If it has been mixed with lots of water, it may be hard for the spectrometer to detect it.

For more information on how to be safer when using drugs and alcohol, see Safer using

To order self-help workbooks and other free resources for safer use, see Resources

A Reddit user talks about their experience with GHB:

“It can make you tired, sort of feels like a mix between alcohol and MDMA with a vastly different character to it, in my experience anyway, dosage wise I’m not sure, only took it for the first time this year so just start very low if you’re concerned.”

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