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What can ketamine feel like?

Ketamine can make you feel relaxed, confused, have ‘out of body’ experiences and relieve pain. Some people take a large dose of ketamine to go into a ‘k-hole’ which is a state where people cannot move or speak. They often feel detached from themselves, their bodies, and the world around them, which is also known as ‘dissociating’.

Remember a low dose for one person can be a high dose for another, as people’s bodies process drugs differently.

Keep in mind that when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, ketamine can have different effects to those listed below.

Pleasant Effects

Unpleasant Effects

Changes in perception

Mild hallucinations


‘Dream-like’ state


Pain relief

A pleasant sense of being detached from reality

Mild unpleasant hallucinations


Mild increased heartrate




Difficulty focusing or thinking

Tingling or numbness in the body

Slurred speech

An unpleasant sense of being detached from reality

Pleasant Effects

Unpleasant Effects

Sensations of floating

Increased relaxation

Feeling ‘out of body’


Increased euphoria


Hurting yourself without knowing (due to lack of pain)

Intense nausea


Difficulty speaking

Unable to control your body movements

Unpleasant hallucinations

Slowed breathing

Dissociation or depersonalization


Pleasant Effects

Unpleasant Effects

Intense feelings of being out of body (k-hole)

Full-body relaxation

Intense euphoria

Problems breathing or very slow breathing

Complete inability to move your body or speak (‘k-hole’)

Emotional distress


Loss of consciousness



A Reddit user talks about feeling detached from their body when they first tried ketamine:

“I think I was in a short-term paralysis, I didn’t even know I had a body.”

Another Reddit user talks about taking ketamine to try and reach a ‘k-hole’:

“I was in another world, I won't say it was exhilarating or good or bad, I had a lot of introspective thought, I wondered how I came to this situation, I lost control, I had a hearing hypersensitivity to the point where I stopped all the noise in my room to look for the background sound, It was a hallucination, it was very strong, so strong that I grew anxious and felt paranoia.”

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