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How can you be safer when using LSD?

LSD is a drug that people can easily develop tolerance to, so it can affect everyone differently at different doses. It is always a good idea to think about things you can do to keep yourself safer when using LSD. 

Start with a lower dose, especially if you haven't used LSD before. 
You can develop a tolerance to LSD, so the more you use, the less effect you will feel from taking the same amount. Different users will have different levels of tolerance, so try not to base how much you take on what the people around you are taking. If you have not used LSD before, consider taking a small amount to start and wait an hour to see how you feel before re-dosing. Visit tripsit for more information on LSD doses.

Have  a sober buddy around in case you have a bad trip. 
Some people can find the hallucinations and strong emotions from LSD unsettling. LSD can have varied and intense emotional effects on people, so consider having someone you trust with you to be a ‘trip sitter’ or help calm you down if you start to feel unwell or anxious.

Make sure you are in a good mindset before you use. 
Some people have very positive experiences on LSD, while other people have bad trips that can affect them even after they come down. Many people who use LSD talk about the importance of being in an environment where you feel calm and comfortable and being with people who make you feel safe. If you are dealing with emotional or stressful things in your life, LSD can sometimes make these feelings very strong. Check your mindset before using LSD. If you are not feeling great or are in a negative frame of mind, think about holding off until you are in a better mental place to have the experience.

Check your LSD to make sure it isn't NBOMe. 
LSD is most commonly taken in the form of colourful tabs on blotting paper that are placed under the tongue to dissolve. Pay attention to how your LSD tab tastes if you are taking it this way. Many people use the phrase “if it’s bitter, it’s a spitter”. If the LSD tab tastes bitter or strange, it may be a synthetic drug called NBOMe, which can have much more unpredictable and unpleasant effects. You cannot test LSD with a spectrometer at a drug checking clinic, but you can use an Ehrlich reagent test. This can tell you if your drug has NBOMe in it. In New Zealand, you can buy this test from places like Cosmic and The Hemp Store. Drug checking clinics will also have this test available.

If you are injecting LSD powder, use clean equipment. 
Although not as common, powdered LSD is sometimes mixed with water and injected. If you choose to inject, make sure that you use a clean needle and equipment every time and do not share. This will prevent you from getting infections and viruses. Remember that injecting LSD will deliver the drug to your body faster and can make effects stronger and more unpredictable.

For more information on how to be safer when using drugs and alcohol, see Safer using

To order self-help workbooks and other free resources for safer use, see Resources

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