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What can MDMA feel like?

MDMA can give you the feeling of euphoria or make you more emotional and empathetic. It can also make you feel dizzy, sweaty and agitated. Remember, a low dose for one person can be a high dose for another as people’s bodies process drugs differently. 

Keep in mind that, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, MDMA can have different effects to those listed below. Pressed pills can often contain other fillers or drugs that can also alter the effects of MDMA.

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects


Enhanced sensory perception (heightened senses of sight, hearing and touch)

Sensations of ‘floating’

Wanting to have deep conversations with others


Sense of wellbeing

Emotional warmth towards others



Not feeling hungry

Dilated pupils (obvious sign of intoxication)

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding



Tingling skin

Agitated and irritable

Heart palpitations

Very thirsty (or drinking too much water)

Muscle aches and pains


Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Increased euphoria

Pleasant hallucinations

Increased feelings of connection with others

Sexually aroused

Extremely heightened emotions


Intense sensitivity to light

Personality changes

Mood swings


Intensely agitated or aggressive

Severely anxious

Feeling panicked or having panic attacks

Excessively sweating or feeling very hot or very cold

Disturbing hallucinations


Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Extremely vivid hallucinations (can be pleasant for some people)

Having an ‘out of body’ experience

High fever

Severe panic attacks

Acting aggressive or violent

Severe vomiting

Extremely vivid, disturbing hallucinations

Becoming unresponsive


Losing consciousness

Some people drink too much water when on MDMA so you may also experience symptoms of water intoxication – faintness, extreme confusion and trouble moving

A Reddit user describes the ups and downs of a lower dose of MDMA:

“I feel like when each wave hits, I panic for a few seconds as I think I am coming down and then I feel a roller coaster drop in my gut and I can feel and hear this rising electrical energy through my body and it explodes in my brain and this wave of warmth and euphoria slowly flows through my body starting in my chest.”

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