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How can you be safer when using MDMA?

MDMA comes in many different forms and is taken in many different ways. It can also effect everyone differently at different doses. However you are using MDMA, it is always a good idea to think about the things you can do to be safer. 

If you are swallowing MDMA, wait an hour before re-dosing. 
Swallowing is the most common method of taking MDMA. It delivers the drug more slowly into your bloodstream, which can reduce your risk of overdose. However, because it releases the drug more slowly, it is good to wait 1 hour before re-dosing as you will not feel the effects right away. People may also take MDMA by snorting, smoking, injecting or taking it rectally (‘boofing’ or ‘shelving’). These methods deliver the drugs faster to your body, which can result in an increased risk of overdose.

Take care if you are snorting MDMA. 
Snorting MDMA can result in damage to your nose, especially if you do it often. If you choose to snort, try to take longer breaks between using this way to reduce the damage. Use a clean straw and surface when snorting and do not share tools with others. It is best to avoid snorting MDMA that has been pressed into pills, as it is likely to be mixed with other fillers that can be dangerous when snorted. You can also do a nasal saline rinse after snorting to clear your nose. 

Test your MDMA to make sure it isn't a different drug. 
Before you use, it’s a good idea to have your MDMA checked to see if there are other drugs like synthetic cathinones (bath salts) mixed with it. There are two ways in New Zealand to check what is in your drugs – going to a drug checking clinic where they use a spectrometer or using reagent tests yourself. For MDMA, you should use more than one reagent test as reagent tests only show if there is MDMA in the drug, not whether it is mixed with something else.

If you can't test your MDMA, start with a low dose. 
As MDMA is commonly mixed with or substituted with other, more dangerous drugs it is a good idea to start low  if you aren't sure. Many of the drugs sold as MDMA like eutylone are dosed lower than MDMA, so taking a smaller dose can reduce your chance of overdosing. Taking a smaller dose will also reduce the unpleasant effects if you have taken a drug that is not MDMA. 

Visit tripsit for more information on MDMA doses.

For more information on how to be safer when using drugs and alcohol, see Safer using

To order self-help workbooks and other free resources for safer use, see Resources.

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