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How can methamphetamine affect your work or daily activities?

Even at low doses, meth can affect your everyday activities. At a single low dose, these effects usually last 4–12 hours. If taken at a large dose, used regularly or mixed with alcohol or other drugs, some effects can last from several weeks to several months.

Methamphetamine can cause unpredictable behaviour, hallucinations and physical symptoms like extreme sweating, shaking and cramps. It can be unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery or to do tasks that need concentration. These drugs can cause personality changes, mood swings and hyperactive behaviour, which could make it difficult to interact with others.

When it comes to work, different jobs require different skills. If you are using methamphetamine, have a think about what you might need to do well at your job and what steps you could take to make sure you are not impaired.

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