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How can you be safer when using methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is used in many ways and can affect people differently at different doses. It is always a good idea to think about how you can be safer when using meth. 

Consider swallowing meth and waiting an hour before redosing. 
Swallowing meth or mixing it into a drink can help avoid the damage that some other methods of using can have on your body. Using meth this way delivers the drug to your body more slowly, so wait for 1 hour before re-dosing as you may not feel the effects straight away. If you re-dose too quickly, you can increase your chance of overdose.

If you are injecting meth, use clean equipment every time. 
Use clean and new needles, filters and butterflies and sterile water every time you inject meth. You can get these from needle exchanges across New Zealand. This helps to reduce skin infections and the transmission of diseases like HIV and hepatitis that you can get from sharing needles.

Use a glass shatterproof pipe if you are smoking meth. 
These pipes will prevent you from getting cuts or burns when using. If you have a pipe that has a broken edge it is best to avoid using it.  If you can, use a mouthpiece so you don't burn your lips on the pipe. Avoid sharing pipes with others as this can spread disease and infection. 

Test your meth to make sure it isn't mixed with other drugs. 
Meth can be tested at a drug checking clinic with a spectrometer. If you plan on injecting meth, a drug checking clinic may also test it for fentanyl with a testing strip, You can also test meth yourself with reagent tests that you can buy from places like Cosmic and The Hemp Store in New Zealand. You can also buy fentanyl test strips from these stores.

Common doses for meth can be different depending on how you are taking them (orally, injecting, smoking). Visit tripsit for more information on dosing meth. 

For more information on how to be safer when using drugs and alcohol, see Safer using.

To order MethHelp workbooks that support people to make changes to their methamphetamine use and other free resources for safer use, see Resources.






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