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How can NBOMe affect your work or daily activities?

Even at low doses, NBOMe drugs can affect your everyday activities. At a single low dose, NBOMe effects can last around 4–10 hours. However, as we don’t know very much about NBOMe, at higher doses or longer use, the effects could last much longer.

NBOMe drugs can make you lose touch with reality, hallucinate or become confused and agitated, so it is unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery. It can make it hard to do tasks that require precision or coordinated movement. NBOMe can cause major changes in perception and personality, which can make interacting with others difficult.

If you have taken a lower dose of NBOMe once, the residual effects should only last a few days after use. However, higher doses or longer use can mean some longer-term effects can last up to 13 days.

When it comes to work, different jobs require different skills. If you are taking NBOMe, have a think about what you might need to perform well at your job and what steps you could take to make sure you are not impaired.

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