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What you need to know about alpha-PVP

What is alpha-PVP?  Alpha-PVP is commonly called ‘flakka’ or ‘gravel’.   It's a stimulant drug which is part of a family of substances known as synthetic cathinones. Synthetic cathinones include some common drugs we see in New Zealand such as eutylone or mephedrone.

Nitazene: what you need to know

We’ve heard reports of a nitazene, a potent opioid, sold in the Wellington region. Nitazene can cause overdose in very small amounts – as little as a few grains of salt.

Fentanyl in Wairarapa - Everything you need to know

Over Matariki weekend 2022, fentanyl was detected in a white powder sold as cocaine and meth that has led to the hospitalisation of 12 people.

What's up with GHB these days?

GHB/GBL/1,4-BD (aka G, wazz, fantasy, liquid ecstasy) has been in the news lately. We're taking a closer look at what's going on and ways to stay safer. 

Fake benzos: what you need to know

Benzodiazepines, benzos, trip killers, Xannies: whatever you call them, it’s important to know that these drugs are not all made equally. In fact, a benzo you get from a doctor is unlikely to be the same as one you might buy online, off a mate or from a dealer.

A heads up on harmful synnies

Seen or heard recent reports about a particularly dangerous batch of synthetic cannabinoids? Find out more here.