Fentanyl is a drug that is often used medically to relieve pain. Only extremely small doses are needed to have an effect and a few micrograms extra can cause an overdose.

This is why, if you’re not expecting fentanyl, you might unexpectedly overdose.

In Aotearoa you can buy fentanyl test strips online from the Needle Exchange and The Hempstore. You can also order up to 5 test strips for free from our resource order page.

Here's a quick guide on how to check for fentanyl by using these fentanyl test strips:

How to check for fentanyl in powders or pills


In New Zealand you can order fentanyl test strips online through the Hempstore or Needle Exchange.


1. Crush and shake to create an even mix



2. Get a clean container and fill it with 5mL of water

This is about one teaspoon or bottle cap.



3. Put about 10mg of the sample in the water

This is about the size of a matchstick head and a microscoop can help.



4. Stir until dissolved



5. Hold the dark blue end of the fentanyl test strip and put it the other end into the liquid, no higher than the blue line

Wait 15 seconds to allow the liquid to travel up the strip.



6. Remove the strip and put it on a flat surface

In about three minutes the results will show.



7. Find out what you have

Two red lines indicate that fentanyl is not present.

One red line indicates that fentanyl is present.

No red lines indicates that the test did not work. Do it again with a new strip.


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