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About Benzos

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What can benzodiazepines feel like?

Benzodiazepines can make you feel relaxed, sleepy, dizzy, groggy and confused. Remember, a low dose for one person can be a high dose for another as people’s bodies process these medications differently.

Keep in mind that, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, benzos can have different effects to those listed below.

Pleasant effects  Unpleasant effects

Sleeping better

Less anxious

Calm and relaxed



Groggy or drowsy

Memory problems


Pleasant effects  Unpleasant effects

Increased euphoria

Sense of peace or serenity

Socially confident

Intensely groggy or drowsy


Difficulty concentrating or thinking

Aggressive or angry

Increased memory loss


Pleasant effects  Unpleasant effects

Full-body relaxation

Feeling ‘out of body’ or numb

Unable to stay awake

Blurred vision or trouble seeing

Intensely aggressive or angry

Unable to control your body movements

Severe memory loss

Feeling ‘trapped’ in your body



Difficulty breathing

Losing consciousness


A Reddit user talks about what taking a lower dose of benzodiazepine feels like for them:

“[Xanax] removes anxiety, makes you sleepy, makes you stumble like a drunk. A little like alcohol but without some of alcohol’s ‘fun’ aspects. Can make you a bit mean because you are not worried about social consequences.”

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