The Level is a straight up guide for people who use drugs. 

He aratohu tōtika The Level mā te hunga whakamahi whakapōauau.


The Level is run by the NZ Drug Foundation and is a space for people who use alcohol and other drugs, their friends and their whānau.

We help New Zealanders learn, think and talk about their use of alcohol and other drugs and offer practical ways to begin to make changes. Our aim is to provide a supportive place, free of judgement. Our information is researched and reviewed by experts in the field and people who use drugs.

Here at The Level, we understand that alcohol and other drugs, both legal and illegal, can be a part of life. We’re focused on providing accurate information so you can make your own choices.

We are here for real people, in real life, whatever level you are at.


Our values | Ō mātau uara

Acceptance and openness | Manakohanga me te ngākau tuwhera. We provide unbiased and non-judgemental information because we understand that every person has different circumstances and life experiences.

Insightfulness | Mātau. We build our information from people with lived experiences of drug use and peer-reviewed research. This creates knowledge that is credible and trustworthy.

Empathy | Aroha. Our information is compassionate. It comes from a place of understanding and acknowledges different types of drug use and life situations.

Practicality | Whaikiko. We aim to provide information that is simple, useful and usable so that you feel informed and empowered to make decisions for yourself.