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If you take LSD, will it show up on a drug test?

At some time in your life, an employer, a family member or the government may ask you to take a drug test. It’s important to understand what drug tests can detect and what could happen if you fail one.

Testing if you have taken LSD can be difficult as this drug is often used in quite small amounts. The windows of time in which LSD can be tested for are small and testing is not very reliable. Whether or not it will be detected and for how long can also depend on things like how much you use, how often you use and your individual body. It is thought that LSD can be detected for 1–3 days in urine and 12–24 hours in blood. There is not a lot of research about saliva and hair testing, but it is thought hair testing could detect LSD for up to 90 days. The accuracy of this is still undetermined.

If you fail a drug test, this may affect your employment, government support, court cases or official licences or registrations. At work, you may face legal consequences, especially if you have put the safety of others at risk.

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