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How can LSD affect your work or daily activities?

LSD can significantly affect the way you see the world and make sense of things around you. Even at lower doses, LSD can still distort your perception of reality and can affect your ability to do everyday tasks. The effects of LSD can last up to 6–15 hours after you have taken a dose. However, if you mix it with alcohol or other drugs, these effects may last longer or be stronger.

LSD causes significant changes to how you process what is in your environment such as what you see and hear, so it is dangerous to operate heavy machinery, drive a car or do tasks that require attention or fine motor skills. As LSD also has effects on your emotions and the way you relate to others, it may become hard to engage in everyday social interactions. Most people who use say it is difficult to go about their normal daily life while high on LSD.

Some people experiment with microdosing LSD to help with mental health conditions like depression. Research shows that, depending on the person, microdosing can impair people to different degrees. Even if the impairment is mild compared to higher doses, it is still important to have a think about how microdoses of LSD might impair your mind and body.

When it comes to work, different jobs require different skills. Have a think about what you might need to perform well at your job and what steps you might need to take to make sure you are not impaired if you are using LSD.

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