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What can methamphetamine feel like?

Methamphetamine can make you feel hyperactive, paranoid, euphoric and aggressive. The effects of meth can be unpredictable and can change depending on how much you use, how often you use and for how long. The effects of meth usually last 4–12 hours. Remember, a low dose for one person can be a high dose for another as people’s bodies process drugs differently. 

Keep in mind that, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, meth can have different effects to those listed below.

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Not feeling hungry

Feeling wide awake and hyper

Sexually aroused

Socially confident



Not feeling hungry

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding

Sweaty or very hot or very cold


Increased heartrate

Irritable and agitated




Mood swings




Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Increased hyperactivity

Increased euphoria


Unpredictable behaviour

Making risky decisions or judgements

Irregular or fast heartbeat

Crawling sensation on your skin

Increasingly anxious

More aggressive or violent

Severe stomach-aches

Severely nauseous




Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Intense hyperactivity

Intense euphoria


Sudden personality changes

Chest pain

Difficulty breathing

Severely anxious

Having serious disturbances in mental abilities (delirium)




Losing consciousness

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