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What can a bad experience on NBOMe feel like?

Like LSD, you can experience a bad trip on NBOMe drugs. However, unlike LSD, the effects of NBOMe are more unpredictable. The difference between a regular trip and an overdose with NBOMe can be a matter of micrograms.

If you …

Then …

Feel dizzy

Feel irritable or agitated

Feel nauseous

Are shivering or sweating

Feel very hot or very cold

Have weakness in your body

Have diarrhoea

Experience insomnia

Feel angry or aggressive

Experience low mood

Feel anxious

Try these things at home:

  • Focus on breathing – try taking slow, deep breaths.
  • If you are able, call and talk to somebody you trust and ask them to help keep you calm.
  • Do not take more NBOMe, caffeine, alcohol or other drugs, as these can make you feel worse.
  • Move to somewhere quiet – try to sit or lie down and do something relaxing.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated.

Have a fever

Experience increased anxiety

Experience increased low mood

Have severe nausea


Have an increased heartrate

Experience intense restlessness or not being able to control movements (akathisia)

Feel intense anger or aggression

Have tremors

Have sudden personality changes

Feel panicked or have a panic attack

Feel paranoid

Have changes in breathing

Call a doctor or Healthline (0800 611 116)

They can talk you through the next steps.


Have a high fever

Have a severely irregular heartbeat

Have severe pain

Have chest pain

Have a severe panic attack

Act violently

Are unable to move one side of your body or face

Have difficulty breathing

Are experiencing psychosis 

Become unresponsive

Have a seizure

Lose consciousness

Attempt suicide

Call 111

These are signs of an overdose or serotonin syndrome. You or the people around you should act quickly.

If you experience unexpected or concerning effects from NBOMes you can notify High Alert to help keep others safe.

A Reddit user talks about a bad trip they had when taking NBOMe with a friend:

“We waited about 2 hours for a come up and that’s when it hit. We felt sick, unsure if we were hungry or on the verge of puking everywhere. The visuals were cool but not insane, everything looked as if it had life and was breathing, and buildings were bouncing about. I also had no perception of angles and everything felt curved around a point. We then went inside and chilled in her bed, played [videogames] and start shaking uncontrollably. We couldn’t tell if we were too hot or too cold, so we removed the blanket. That’s when we both felt like we were truly gonna kick the bucket.”

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