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How can you be safer when using NBOMe?

While NBOMe drugs can look similar to LSD, they have very different effects. They can also affect everyone differently at different doses. It is always a good idea to think about the things you can do to be safer when using NBOMe. 

If you are taking orally, wait an hour before re-dosing. 
NBOMe drugs are usually taken orally as tabs on colourful blotting paper and placed under the tongue to dissolve. Taking NBOMe orally delivers it more slowly to the body, which means you may not feel the effects right away. Wait at least 1 hour before re-dosing as taking more of the drug too soon can increase your chance of overdose. The effects of NBOMe drugs are unpredictable, so it can be good to take a smaller amount and wait and see how you feel before you use more.

Consider taking a lower dose if you are snorting or shelving NBOMe. 
Some people also take NBOMe by snorting or taking it rectally (called ‘boofing’ or ‘shelving’). Snorting, or using NBOMe drugs rectally can cause damage to the sensitive issue in those areas. These methods also release the drugs into your bloodstream faster, which can increase the chance of overdose. Consider starting with a lower dose when using these ways. 

Remember, NBOMe is not the same as LSD! 
Keep in mind that NBOMe is not the same as LSD and is not a substitute for LSD either. NBOMe can have very different effects and a higher chance of overdose or an unpleasant experience. If you are not sure whether you have NBOMe or LSD you can take this to a drug checking clinic or use Ehrlich's reagent at home. 

Know your dose- NBOMe drugs are all dosed differently. 
There are many different types of NBOMe drugs, and it is helpful to know which one you have when choosing how much to take. Visit tripsit and search NBOMe for information on dosing the different NBOMe drugs. If your NBOMe is on blotter paper, drug checking clinics and Ehrlich's reagent won't be able to tell you which type you have. If you aren't sure which NBOMe drug you have, it is a good idea to assume you have one of the more potent NBOMe drugs such as 25E-NBOMe. 

For more information on how to be safer when using drugs and alcohol, see Safer using

To order self-help workbooks and other free resources for safer use, see Resources

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