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What can tobacco feel like?

Smoking does not produce strong effects like alcohol or other drugs, but it can cause a lightheaded sensation that some people find pleasant. It can also make people feel relaxed, happy or giddy and gives a small adrenaline rush. If smoking becomes more regular, a person can develop tolerance and will need to smoke more to get the same effect. They may also feel stronger cravings and urges to smoke. It is the nicotine that causes the cravings, but people may also like the social aspects of smoking.

People often use tobacco products at the same time as other drugs and may find they want to smoke more when drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis.

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Calm or relaxed

Feeling sociable



Experiencing pleasant ‘head rush’

Increased concentration

Reduced feelings of agitation or irritability

Bad taste in mouth

Burning sensation in your throat

Cold skin



Mouth sores


Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects

Reduced hunger cravings

Decreased stress

Mild euphoria


Not feeling hungry

Increased coughing



Increased nausea

Increased dizziness

Lack of coordination

Breathlessness and wheezing

Sore or tight chest

Pleasant effects

Unpleasant effects


Severe or ongoing cough



Worsening asthma or asthma attacks

Severe dizziness or feeling faint

Difficulty breathing normally

A Reddit user talks about their experience with tobacco:

“Most people begin smoking together as teenagers and begin to associate positive experiences with smoking cigarettes. I personally loved smoking and inhaling the smoke and blowing it out. It smells horrible though to most people and it messes up your lungs.”

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