What are nitazenes?  

Nitazenes are potent synthetic opioids that are as strong or stronger than fentanyl. Just a few grains of a nitazene can cause an opioid overdose.  

We’ve seen more nitazenes over the last year and they may be linked to several deaths and hospitalizations in New Zealand. They may be misrepresented as other opioids such as oxycodone pills or other drugs. High Alert released a notification about N-desethyletonitazene sold as diazepam in the form of a blue pill. 

What are nitazene test strips?

Get a pack of five free nitazene test strips from our Resources page.

Nitazene test strips can be used to detect whether there is nitazene in your drug. They can test for most types of nitazenes, but it is important to remember they are not guaranteed to detect them.  

Nitazene test strips won’t test for the presence of other opioids, such as fentanyl. You can use a fentanyl test strip to test for these, which you can order for free on The Level.