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Taking benzos? Help shape NZ research

We talk to master's student Caitlin Toohey, who is researching benzodiazepine use in New Zealand.

The study on Asian New Zealanders' use of drugs

Winner Tian, General Manager of Asian Family Services, talks to us about a new study that has found that Asian New Zealanders use alcohol and other drugs at higher rates than previously thought.

How to use nitazene test strips

Nitazenes are potent opioids that could be in your drugs. Here's how to use a nitazene test strip to find out if your drugs contain nitazenes.

Still Tripping: What is HPPD?

Ever heard of acid flashbacks? Had visuals while sober that remind you of tripping? There’s a term for this: Hallucinogen Perception Persisting Disorder (HPPD).

The NZ study that ranks drugs by harm

Otago University researched ranked 23 drugs by they harm they cause to individuals and communities. Here's the results.

New study to look at use of natural health products

Many people have used natural health products to feel a buzz, to ease a hangover or to enhance the effects of recreational drugs. Rayna Sharma is a researcher on a mission to find out more.

New Zealand's largest ever MDMA study

Otago University psychology PhD student Jai Whelan recently conducted the largest ever national study of MDMA use in New Zealand. Here's what Jai learned.

What we found at drug checking in 2022

Drug checking is a free and legal process that helps people find out what’s really in their drugs. Here's what we found at drug checking clinics throughout 2022!

What’s the T? Study on drug use in trans & non-binary communities

University of Auckland Masters student, Taine Polkinghorne, wants to know more about the ways that Aotearoa’s trans and non-binary communities use alcohol and other drugs.

How to keep your kids safe if you're using drugs

Nearly all parents take drugs from time to time, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, or something illicit. We explore ways for parents to keep their kids and themselves safer if they're using drugs.

What overdose data can teach us about staying safer

A new report shows that deaths from drug overdoses have risen 54% over the past five years. We’re digging into the facts to find out what these can teach us about staying safer.

The science on testing for cannabis

We know that breath testing is a generally reliable measure of alcohol intoxication, but the same isn't true for cannabis. We dove into the science to find out why.

What’s in your dose? NZ study to examine Kiwi microdosers

University of Auckland PhD candidate, Estelle Miller, wants to know more about New Zealanders who microdose. 

Covid-19, the vaccine and drugs

Covid-19, the vaccine and drugs: a research summary.  

Covid-19 has resulted in an information overload for many of us, and it can be hard to understand what information to trust, especially when it comes to our health.

Meth and COVID-19: How to be safer

We spoke to experts and looked at the latest research to bring you the straight up information on Covid-19 and methamphetamine.

Our Focus: meth use or meth harm?

Professor Nicole Lee shares the latest on methamphetamine at the NZ Drug Foundation's On the Road to Health Symposium, held in May 2021.

Improving Prevention Webinar

UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs online side event discussing emerging and established responses for prevention of drug use and harms presented in April 2021.