Let's be honest, things that we enjoy can become a pattern pretty easily - without us even noticing.


Taking a moment to think about how your life is going can help prevent any problems from growing. This quick scan could help you notice when things aren't how you want them to be.

Think about whether you're eating well, sleeping ok, feeling ok, and giving your body enough time to recoup. Also think about how your body is holding up - for example, if you're snorting drugs regularly, make sure that your nostrils aren't damaged from overuse. See Drug safety.

Think about the people who are important to you and if your relationship with them is how you want it to be. Be gentle with yourself, but be honest - sometimes we're horrible to people around us.

Think about whether you're doing activities that you enjoy, and getting the things you need to do done. Some drugs can affect your sex drive and intimacy - you might want to think about that part of your life too.

Using regularly doesn't necessarily mean that you will have major problems, and you might be able to stay on top of things by yourself. But, if you are noticing things that you want to explore further or talk with someone about, see When to look for support.